Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free Comic Books in PDF Format

Comic books are too interesting to be school related. At least, my kids seem to think so. That's fine with me. I get the learning in any way I can. :) So, today I did some searching. And I have found a few comic books that I plan on printing out for the children.

Of course as with all materials online, you will probably want to read over the free comic books first and then decide whether or not you want to print them out for your family. Enjoy!

Here are some how to's on comics.
I am particularly interested in printing out the amateur radio comic books. Several years ago I printed out the first (and at the time the only) book for my oldest (and at that time only) child. He read it over and over again. After awhile, he even started drawing his own comics. I just told him that there are now seven ham radio comic books. Good thing we just stocked up on ink.

Conserving Ink and Paper
Printing free comic books from the internet can use up a lot of ink. So I use the quick (draft) print on my printer. I also print on both sides of the paper. That can be a bit of pain depending on the printer you have. But it saves paper and the comic can be stapled together or put in a three prong folder so it an "actual" book.

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