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Thursday, February 25, 2010

History of the Alphabet - Video

I admit it. I always liked the educational movies that I watched in school when I was growing up. OK, OK. I still like them. Which is probably why I scour several times a week looking for the aforementioned videos. Today I found a gem of a movie made in 1968 called The Alphabet: Mark of Man. This movie is not in the public domain but the owner of it, Penn Museum, has made the video available as long as no footage from it is used without permission.

I know my 11 year old will enjoy this one. I'm not so sure if the others will be as enthused. But I suspect my five year old will also like parts of it since the movie shows a lot of letters; and, he's a beginner reader.
Anyway, I'm thinking of showing this film and then letting the children work on an alphabet coloring and activity book.