I have seen on other blogs where people use the "About" section to answer frequently asked questions. Admittedly, I have yet to receive a burning question from a reader. So, I've taken the time to make up my own. 

Who Are You?

I'm glad you asked. My name is Serfronya Wallace. I am a child of God, wife, mother, homeschool parent, freelance writer, crafter...

If your name is Serfronya then why is your blog called Cookie's Domain?
That's a great question. I started this blog years ago when I was certain that I wanted to be an "anonymous" blogger. My husband calls me Cookie, so I went with that as my online moniker. And I used the word "domain" because originally I started out blogging about family life, homeschooling, home management, and whatever else came to my mind at the time.

Well, shortly after I started blogging I found out that you could make money writing online. So, I quickly got over the idea of being unknown and sought my fame and fortune at various content mills. I actually profited for awhile. But alas, I find myself straying from the topic at hand.

Do you get off topic a lot when you are writing posts?
Ouch, that isn't a very nice question is it? I actually do work very hard to put up relevant info on this blog and, for the most part, I do stay on the topic at hand. Next question, please.

So, why is there nothing but homeschool info here if this blog is supposed to be about your domain?
Well, a couple of years ago (I think) I decided that my personal life was best left personal because I realized that:

a) nobody probably cared about the minute details of my life as much as I did;

b) homeschool seemed to be the main focus of my life; and

c) Facebook is a better spot to over share if I feel the desire to do that.

What type of homeschool family are you?
We are a little bit of everything (eclectic) with a strong leaning towards Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education. From year to year - and sometimes even from moment to moment - I make changes to the way we school if what we are doing isn't working.

Mainly, I would describe us as as a frugal homeschool family. I use completely free resources for the children through their elementary years. And I have recently found quality, free material for middle and high school as well. I share those my findings here on Cookie's Domain.

Tell us about your family?
I have 4 children whom I homeschool. Currently, I have 3 children who are not that far into their homeschooling journey and one will be done with his in just 2 short years. My husband works hard all day, most days of the week, affording us the opportunity to be a homeschool family.