Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Mini Unit Studies

I am not an expert in using unit studies. I just learned about the idea of studying one topic at a time and trying to incorporate all of the major subjects into the learning. So, that's what we do. The more that I do mini unit studies with the children, the more that I find that the three R's seem to get covered pretty naturally without having to force anything. For example, it's not unusual for activity books to have all three of those elements in them.

I'm convinced that there is enough free educational material online that I don't have to pay for unit studies for homeschooling my little ones. Now, I do use textbooks for middle and high school. But mainly just for science, math, and foreign languages. Everything else I find from searching on Google.

So below you'll find the topics that we have studied so far or will be studying in the near future. Some topics are only a day long. And some take up to a week to cover. It really depends on how many resources I find. I'll add to this list as we do more unit studies.

Mini Unit Studies

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