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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Free Scripture Songs:

The children and I are huge God Rocks fans. We discovered them a couple of years ago on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). God Rocks have songs that they call Bible Toons which are NIV scripture set to catchy tunes. I used to record the shows and then we'd listen to them during lunchtime. But we got rid of cable some time ago. So, there went our God Rocks.

I managed to find one of their CD's on Amazon for just a few dollars. But it only has 13 songs on it and the songs are very short. You can purchase the complete set of Bible Toon songs from their website but with the cost and shipping charges from Canada that would have to be a Christmas present for the family.

Of course, for every thing that cost money there is some sort of free equivalent available online. And thankfully I found a great site that has free songs that are scripture set to music. was a wonderful discovery. The artist who's songs are on this site  plays the guitar and sings scriptures in a serene, folksy way. Think of  James Taylor singing the Word of God. Amazing! 

No Distractions
The songs really are uplifting and very beautiful.  And they stay in your mind. I have been humming and singing songs from the first CD off and on all day, and I just discovered the site yesterday. Since it is just a voice and an acoustic guitar, the scripture is what it's all about.

To King James or Not to King James
Sometimes I can not tell for sure what translation he is using. And the artist himself said in his Q&A that he is not tied to one particular translation. If that is not a deal breaker for you then you might want to check out some of the songs. You can listen to the songs individually or you can stream entire CDs. You can also download the music or burn it onto CDs and distribute it freely to bless others.

Scripture Memorization Here We Come
I can definitely see us using these songs as part of our Bible time. This is definitely a beautiful way to meditate on and memorize the Word of God