Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bible Activity Books - Make Your Own for Free

My four and five year old really enjoy the jumbo coloring and activity books that are sold in dollar stores. There's a little of something for each child - dot to dot, word searches, secret messages, coloring, and more. So I went on a search for some bible activity books like the jumbo ones that we can use for homeschool. I have not found anything to my liking so I started putting together my own.

In each Bible activity book I try to include (if I can find one) a:
  • coloring page
  • maze
  • word search
  • crossword puzzle
  • dot to dot
  • secret message
  • journaling page
  • blank page - for children to draw their own picture of the lesson
  • word search
  • bible verse copywork
  • cut and paste craft

Here are instructions on how to put together the bible activity books.
  • Use the coloring page as the "cover" for the Bible activity books.
  • Print on the front and back of each page. This makes it look like a real book and it saves on paper. Don't worry too much about the order of the the other pages except for the pages for the cut and paste craft.
  • For the cut and paste, cut a piece of construction paper the same size as the other sheets. Place that page second to last. And make the page that the children will be cutting out the last one. This way you can carefully detach the last page from the book for easy cutting. (The children paste their work onto the construction paper.)
  • Then staple all of the pages together. Four staples pretty close to the edge should be sufficient. This way the pages open up almost flat.
  • You may also want to hole punch the books so that they can be stored in a large 3 ring binder once the children move on to a new lesson.

Where to find pages for your Bible activity books.

I get almost all of my pages for free from the internet. At first it was time consuming but I have gotten more effective with my searches on Google. When searching for coloring pages, I type in what I am looking for, press enter, and then click on images. I usually find a well done coloring page on the first page of Google.

Also here are some sites that I frequently get pages from:

It does take a bit of time to put together our own Bible activity books. But I can make puts that appeal to my children and help make learning more fun.

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