Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Peanuts Unit Study

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While searching for printable comic books I came across The Adventures fo Buddy McNutty. That reminded me of a very educational activity book on peanuts that I printed out a few years back. That made me think that it would be fun for the little ones to learn all about peanuts. That could include learning about George Washington Carver and all things peanutty. Ha ha, I know peanutty isn't a real word. But it's fun to say. Really, try it.

So far I've found an activity book about peanuts called In a Nutshell. It looks like it's to be used for elementary students.

Yes! I found it. The worksheets I printed out for my son when we first started homeschooling is from AboutPeanuts.com. You can choose a lesson plan for grades K - 2 or grades 3 - 5. It covers subject areas math, science, social studies, geography and language arts. Love that!

The lesson plans in the teacher's guide lists several crafts to do with or about peanuts. But if those don't appeal to us we'll probably try some of the following.

Peanuts Crafts

Activity, Coloring, and Comics About Peanuts

Websites About Peanuts

And in our house no lesson is complete without a video, preferably a free one from You Tube. :) I submit to you The American Peanut Story, for your viewing pleasure.

I guess I'll pick up a bag of shelled peanuts at the store this weekend. They will be for the crafts. Two of my children are too young to eat penauts, possible choking hazard. So I'll have to keep a close eye on my two year old especially during craft time next week. Better yet, I'll probably have him play with Legos on the floor while the others use the peanuts at the table.

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