Thursday, November 03, 2011

Free Thanksgiving Notebooking Pages, Printables, and Videos

I have been interested in notebooking with the children for a few years now. I even did a bit of it with my oldest for his science class when he was in the 6th grade. But he had just come out of public school and it didn't provide the structure that he was used to (and liked to some degree).

But now that I am homeschooling 3 little ones close in age the notebooking concept has become appealing again. So I figured, why not start with a subject that should be easy enough to find materials for? And sure enough, there is a plethora of printable Thanksgiving sheets available online.

This is the material I have come up with so far.

Free Thanksgiving Notebooking Pages

Homeschool Notebooking has a free Thanksgiving notebooking set that contains pages with both primary and regular lines. There are numerous other free notebooking pages at this site as well.

Super Teacher Worksheets has several Thanksgiving themed math sheets. I printed out the basic addition mystery picture for the children to complete and add to their books.

TLS Books has a Thanksgiving fun mini packet with a few useful pages for my youngest.

Thanksgiving Printables

The Indian Years coloring book - for beginner readers
Learn About Texas Indians activity book- for middle school and up

Thanksgiving Videos

Day of Thanksgiving

History of Thanksgivng

We Shall Remain is an award winning PBS series that tells the Native Americans side of the first Thanksgiving and beyond. I will probably let my children view this when they are older. My 13 year old already knows about how terribly Native Americans were treated. But, everyone else would be very saddened by it. I'll save these truths for a few Thanksgivings down the road.

Interesting Thanksgiving Facts

I was surprised to find out what was probably really on the plates of the Pilgrims and Native Americans that first Thanksgiving. gives a list of what may of have been eaten and what probably was not. History also gives some interesting myths about Thanksgiving as well.

Interactive Site

I am really looking forward to going through the Voyage of the Mayflower with the children. This definitely looks like a resource to take your time with.

Thanksgiving Projects I Plan on Doing with the Children

You may have to scroll down to get to some of the crafts.
Corn project -
Native American headband
Boy and girl pilgrim hats
Teepee centerpiece

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