Monday, August 20, 2012

menu Plan Monday - August 20, 2012

We have lived without buying fast food for about six weeks. A dear friend treated the children and me to Burger King about a week ago, which was very nice.  And a few nights ago we ate dinner made by more precious  friends. But other the that, I have been cooking 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. 

And you  know what ? It hasn't been so terrible. We don't eat out a lot anyway. However, usually my husband treats us to a meal a few Sundays a month to give me a break from cooking. And I am sure that we will get back to that family tradition once we are all reunited in CA. ***I miss my Honey! Anyhoo...*** So, it has been necessary to be as frugal as possible until such time.  Menu planning helps tremendously with that goal.

last week's homemade cheese pizza

(served with fruit)
Monday: cold cereal ~ Tuesday: hot cereal ~ Wednesday: eggs, bread (and possibly meat) ~ Thursday: hot cereal ~ Friday: cold cereal ~ Saturday: pancakes/waffles

(served with veggies or fruit)
~ PBJ ~ grilled cheese sandwiches ~ leftovers x2 ~ tuna casserole ~

(served with veggies and grains if needed)
~ cheeseburgers with homemade hamburger buns ~ chicken tacos ~ spinach quiche ~ baked chicken ~ tuna salad sandwiches ~ BBQ ribs ~ breakfast for dinner ~