Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bald Eagle Unit Study

We have just started studying birds and the first bird in our science book, Science Essentials, Grades 3 - 4, is the American Bald Eagle. I did not feel that just the one page in the book was enough information for the children so I put together some additional resources that we will use to give the children a good understanding of our national bird.

Free Bald Eagle Activity Book
Man, no one can put together a great educational book on nature like the U.S. government. I really mean that. I  have a list of numerous free coloring and activity books in the tab at the top of the site and many of them were published by a .gov site. This book about bald eagle awareness week is extremely thorough in talking about eagles. As a matter of fact, it contains way more info than what I feel is needed in our studies. So, I just printed off pages 3-6 and that will be plenty for us.

Free Bald Eagle Coloring Pages
There is no shortage of these pages. No doubt you will one to your child's liking by just doing a quick search on Google. I am going to pull up images of bald eagle coloring pages and let each child pick the one he or she wants to color.

Free Bald Eagle Crafts
I am keeping this to a 3 day lesson so we will just be dong a little craft. I am going to let each of the children choose from one of the following.

bald eagle toilet paper roll craft
paper bag bald eagle craft
color and cut patriot eagle

Bald Eagle Documentary
There is a cool little documentary from 1938 on the Internet Archives called Birds of Prey. Bald eagles are discussed briefly.