Friday, October 05, 2007

Closet Harmonica Player

I think that many who know me would be surprised to learn that I play the harmonica. I had never played an instrument before (besides the recorder). But about 1 1/2 years ago I guess I'd listened to one too many Stevie Wonder songs. Because I all of a sudden had an overwhelming urge to learn how to play the harmonica. So I told my husband and he laughed at me. But once he realized I seriously wanted to learn how to play he told me to go ahead.

So, I went online looking for info on how to play the harmonica. I found It seemed like one of those too good to be true deals. But my interest was peaked so I emailed the inventor of the system, E. Matthew Shelton, off and on all day with a ton of questions. He was very sweet and answered all of my emails within hours. That relieved me of my skepticism and I ordered the book. And the system really worked as well as the website claimed. I was playing songs on my harmonica ,which came with the book, the same day that I received it! My husband went from laughing to being extremely impressed.

So, why am I a closet harmonica player? I don't know. Harmonica Superstart gave me the confidence to move on to reading tablature. Of late I've been practicing a lot of hymns. They sound beautiful played on the harmonica. Maybe I'll start carrying my harmonica in my pocket and share a tune with some of my church family.

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