Friday, October 08, 2010

An In-depth Study of Agriculture

At the beginning of this year I decided to utilize as many of the free coloring and activity books as possible. So, I started with the first activity book on the list which is The ABCs of Oklahoma Agriculture. As I started to look through the book I got so happy. The book is a great guide to put together an extensive study on agriculture using various coloring and activity books that I've collected links to over the past few years. I even threw in some recipes that the children and I can make together, to keep school interesting.

Now I can finally put my handy dandy heavy duty stapler to use. Yippee! So below, I have linked to the mini unit study, book(s) , or recipe that I plan to use for each subject.

Agriculture - I used this page as an intro to our studies.
Feed - I focused on farm instead, since farm animals eat feed. Maryland Agriculture: Farm Fun, Farm Service Agency for Kids,  Southern Maryland Farms

Horses - Go Harness Racing, Life on a Horse Farm (from NetLibrary)
Insects - Coloring Fun with Insects: I'm going to read the online book to the children. Then I'll let each of them pick out a few insects that they want to color.
Jelly - homemade jelly recipe: We're going to reduce the recipe down to 16 servings, or just one pint.
Legume - peanuts (yes, they're legumes)
Milk - Guida's Milk and Supercow, How We Get Our Milk, Milk Matters with Buddy Brush, Fuel Up with Milk
Nuts - Pecan breakfast loaf recipe
Oklahoma - OK coloring book
Pork - Kids Pork Cookbook
Queen Bee - Adventures of Beatrice the Bee
Rain - My Water Activity Book
Sheep - I am the Good Shepherd
Tractor - tractor activity found towards the bottom of the page
Veterinarian - Veterinarians
Wheat - whole wheat honey bread recipe
Xylotomy - Trees: A Colorful Look at Our Forests
Yam - yam smoothie recipe
Zucchini - zucchini bread recipe

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